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Posted on September 26 2017




  Through the development of ROAM, the BLKMKT concept has emerged as an outlet to connect us directly with our consumers while at the same time providing an avenue to bring like-minded people together. The recent addition of a 1986 Ford Diesel box truck not only acts a mobile home for us while on the road but is also a facilitator to create these mobile pop-up spaces. 

  The BLK MKT (pronounced Black Market) is a concept and culmination of creative individuals who work together to bring art, ideas and culture to a community. Our mission is to bring life and character to stagnant spaces, while providing an environment for people to coalesce in a new and vibrant atmosphere. This collaboration of fashion designers, architects, jewelers, producers, artists, musicians and travelers have come together over the years as a family to support and present each other’s creative efforts under one roof. BLK MKT gives us the opportunity to engage and connect with a community face to face, allowing us to share the background stories and philosophies behind our lives to our consumers. It gives us the freedom to build something authentic and vibrant out of nothing while in turn providing a cultural hub for the people in any given area. In its rawest form, it is a concept that brings people together to celebrate awareness, creativity, culture and appreciation for communities wherever the road takes us.



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