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Eclipse Totality

Posted on September 27 2017

Totality: |tōˈtalitē|

Noun :

The moment or duration of total obscuration of the sun or moon during an eclipse.

Phrase: a deeper exploration of life in its totality..

 Whether it’s an hour-long motorbike trip up to the waterfalls in Bali or a cross-country trek through the States to the Coast, we’ve always enjoyed a good excuse for a road trip. When we caught wind that one of our favorite festivals- Symbiosis Gathering- was working on a collaborative event to honor the upcoming eclipse in Oregon, and with a huge network of friends and creatives already on board, we began planning the trip we’ve been waiting for.

The hype leading up to this festival was nothing short of amusing. Rumors buzzed of apocalypse-level supply shortages, road closures, 24-hour bumper-to-bumper traffic, and the over-all connotation that it was shaping up to be the best festival of the year.

For a lot of reasons, it was. The Global Eclipse Gathering was curated by a group of friends who have a sincerely strong appreciation for giving people a platform for creativity. This was portrayed in countless ways throughout the time we spent in this space and was apparent from every angle. A mini universe was born with the objective being: to create…to appreciate…and to share each other’s arts and visions.

Nestled virtually in the middle of nowhere, the Big Summit Prarie in Oregon provided the space for over 30,000 people to express their creativity. Music, art, fashion and culture combined with no real rules to speak of, created a pop-up environment that everyone was able to enjoy in their own way for a weeklong interactive experience.

The amount of time and energy spent curating this event was astounding. People came together from all over the world to build huge, intricate art installations, music stages, galleries, spaces for workshops ranging from permaculture, health and wellness, crypto currencies and so much more.

All human creativity set aside, Mother Nature played the largest part of the performance aspect of this event. A total eclipse is something that not everyone gets to witness in their lifetime. To be fortunate enough to witness it while surrounded by some of our favorite people is something I don’t think any of us will ever forget. The energy leading up to totality was indescribable. All seven staged took a break from playing the music that was setting the tone throughout the festival up to that point, there was a stillness in nature, and a dark, ominous color filled the sky. Once the moon and sun overlapped completely, the temperature dropped almost twenty percent. People were cheering, crying, embracing, and just letting go of ego and appreciating the moment. It was a truly humbling and magical thing to witness.


There are uncountable experiences to be had at a festival. Equally can be said about life. I think the biggest thing we took from this experience was the importance to remember to follow your instincts and flow towards the things that inspire you. Look deeper into the metaphors that this type of environment creates and appreciate the time and space that was made for enlightenment, growth and gratitude for nature and creation.

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