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Nushagak, AK

Posted on June 02 2017

On the banks of Bristol Bay, where the salt water of the Bering sea meets the fresh water of the Nushagak and Wood Rivers lies Nushagak Point. A seasonal fishing village, completely off the grid and only accessible by boat or bush plane. 

Of all the environments we’re lucky enough to spend time in throughout the year, Nushagak might just be our favorite. There’s a certain magic that surrounds Nushagak Point, its simply tough to beat. Sammy’s family has been fishing out of Nushagak for generations and it’s now turned into a yearly pilgrimage for our whole posse. 

After arriving in Southwest Alaska and a few days spent in the boatyard in Dillingham, this is where we will be posted up. Hanging nets, fixing up cabins, and doing boat work to get prepared for the upcoming season. Evidently there’s a bit of whiskey drinking involved too. 

Long story short, selling shoes and backpacks takes a backseat for a while. We might be late on a few e-mails and orders will probably take a bit longer than usual... to be honest with you, we’re completely okay with that. At Roam we’re a bit less concerned with making money and a bit more concerned with telling a good story.

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