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Al Isra | Out At Sea

Posted on May 26 2017

Adventure. Typically an unusual, exciting and uncertain experience including some sort of risk... To us, adventure is a way of life. It’s a feeling of freedom, an awakening, and a constant source of inspiration. We believe in setting forth to places we haven’t seen or even heard of, without expectations but with the hope that we’ll leave with a fresher perspective, a heightened realization of the world we live in, and a sense of relief from stepping out of our comfort zones for a while and letting our experiences teach us what they will.

This particular adventure consisted of a 4-day voyage through the Indian Ocean by way of Al Isra, a pirate style ship built over two decades ago on the island of Sulawesi. Al Isra, meaning The Night Journey (or Midnight Rider- as we like to call her), has been a source of adventures for us for years and one of our favorite ways to explore Indonesia. With some of our best friends on board, we travelled through the night, slept beneath the stars, and spent our days in the ocean, scoping the reefs for sea life and checking out the small islands and villages along the way.

On the second day of our journey we ended up at Moyo, a quiet Island off the coast of North Sumbawa. After about a 30-minute trek up the sketchiest dirt road while riding on the backs of the local village kids ’ motorbikes, we made it to the trailhead and hiked into most beautiful place any of us had ever seen. 

Crystal clear water rushed from the main waterfall and tiered down to a multitude of empty, turquoise pools. With no other visitors besides the locals that led us, we found ourselves surrounded by a lush jungle oasis. It almost didn’t feel real, like a dream world, and provided that feeling of truly being one with nature. We felt something else too. A strong feeling of appreciation and gratitude to have been able to experience this place that was so untouched and so beautiful, and the hopefulness that it will stay that way. 

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