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Company Culture


  To Roam is to travel, to wander from place to place in search of the next exciting discovery our incredible world has to offer. Whether its jumping on a bike to head to work or getting on a plane to seek distant lands and cultures, people with wanderlust have an incessant need to explore and take in the sights, sounds and smells of the world with an open heart and open mind. A person who roams indeed develops an insatiable desire to seek new horizons and meet new people along the way. They will always be dreaming of that next flight, the next train ride, or even the next trip on the local bus, because each experience traveling can never be replicated or reproduced. ROAM was founded in 2012 based on these same principles and ideals.

  The same ideals of openness, fairness and understanding that are found in a well-rounded traveler are the mainstays of ROAM's business model. While many apparel companies simply develop orders and outsource to an unknown factory overseas, at ROAM have taken the time and effort to go to the source of our goods and to meet and spend quality time with the individuals who produce our gear by hand. Developing such working relationships with individuals and communities is very important to us in order to ensure that working conditions are fair and that customers know where each product is coming from. Also, traveling directly to the source for fabrics, hardware, etc. allows us to ensure that all of our gear is made from the highest quality materials. We want our customers to know that the product they are purchasing is made with love and built to last.

From all of us at ROAM, thank you!