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Product Details

The FYDO Series is built for quality storage and organization. Based around a folding pocket design and adapted into a few carrying options. The bags are composed of four separate large storage areas - held together and secured under a flap style closure. Giving the bag a traditional look but concealing a progressive function, these bags adapt to any adventure or environment.

The FYDO X3 is the smallest bag in the series and is an adaptable personal carrier that holds and organizes the smaller things in your life in ways you might never have though possible. Easily carries as a hand bag or shoulder bag for daily outings and airport necessities, and if two pieces are used together it turns into motorcycle saddle bags or, an over the shoulder chest/back bag that gives way to longer outings. 

  • High Denier Water Resist Cotton Canvas
  • 10.5L+ w/ Folding Design  
  • 3 Large Zippered Compartments
  • 1 Large Open Storage Area
  • 3 Smaller Pockets
  • Looped Webbing For Easy Attachment
  • YKK Zippers
  • Multiple Carry Options


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